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I’ve had this system since right after the release of Fortuna and it’s been working great! A lot of you really enjoy it. This video is deep dive into how easy it is to earn items from me. The last time I made a similar video to this, some things were left out; and it had some of you thinking it will take 1000 hrs of watch time to earn vaulted items. No one has ever needed anywhere near 1000 hrs to earn something. So for those of you who are mathing this out and landing on 1k hrs; you’ve totally missed some things. My streams are just an easy way to get items passively in WF while you are grinding out the game. They are also a way to learn more about the game, ask questions, and hang out with a very rewarding group of people. Love you guys! See you in stream 🙂

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator