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E3 13 Warframe Sheldon Carter PS4 Interview

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Studio general manager Sheldon Carter tells us all about Digital Extremes’ “ninjas in space” in this interview in the Sony booth at E3. Warframe, the free-to-play shooter/melee action game that’s currently in beta on PC will be there for PS4 launch.

“The background is crazy because ten years ago we pitched this idea to publishers and nobody wanted to take it,” said Sheldon Carter. “And you know eventually it kind of morphed into Dark Sector, a game we released back in 2008. And we’ve kind of been hibernating this idea and perculating for the next, well five more years finally to show up as Warframe.”

Digital Extremes had had PS4 devkits for about six months at the time of the interview (June):

“Our experience with Sony, I mean they came to us and said “hey, we think Warframe would be a great fit for the PS4.” They got us kits, they got us support. We’re published by our players so we don’t have a publisher. Everything we do for Warframe is paid for by the players of our game. So it’s not like we have that traditional publisher saying “oh, get us kits”, “help us understand how Sony works with things”. No, Sony has done all that themselves and it’s been really amazing to work with them.”

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator