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Crazy New Warframe Unlimited Platinum Glitch 2016/2017

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

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Do you want up to 528 platinum per hour! Well oh boy do I have the video for you! This video isn’t a tough method like kuva lich farming or derelict vaults or scarlet spear or the ropalolyst or parazon mods or rising tides or railjack missions. It’s about your favorite spy mission! And how to speed run it of course, takes forever to learn the mission on your own. Pick your favorite speed frame and blaze through this mission! Gauss included (Russian stealth time)! My pick is nova, as she can teleport really, really, far…even to your house when you say that these mods don’t sell fast on warframe market… In other news the average plat gain per hour is 130p, note due to trade restrictions it is going to be hard to sell more than an hours grind in a day, but if you stockpile you will have a decent steady income for platinum.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator