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Cernos Prime Build 2018 Guide The Sophisticated One Warframe Gameplay

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Cernos Prime Build 2018 (Guide) – The Sophisticated One (Warframe Gameplay)

The Cernos Prime has many interesting aspects which made it an absolute joy to test. Of-course intricacy without power isn’t that rewarding but I’m happy to say that the weapon can pack one serious punch.
The bow fires there arrows at once in a vertical or horizontal spread and the damage as-well as the status chance will be getting divided among the arrows. Adding multishot to the weapon will not further divide the damage but it will the status chance much like a shotgun would function.
The Cernos Prime also features a fifty percent bonus damage modifier on headshots and you can check all this info out on the wiki as-well.

I’ve tested all sorts of builds in order to see what the weapon is capable of and at the end of the day a critical bleed build through Hunter Munitions worked best and has the potential to one-shot even high level armored targets such as Corrupted Heavy Gunner. Argon Scope would be a good plus to the build but if you don’t have it you can go for a Viral elemental combo with either the sixty mods or the ninety depending on how satisfied you are with viral proc consistency.

The Cernos Prime is a fantastic bow and I highly recommend it as long as fully understand how it works so you can play to the weapons strengths.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator