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Burston Prime Build 2018 Guide I Burst Therefore I Win Warframe Gameplay

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Burston Prime Build 2020 (Guide) – I Burst Therefore I Win (Warframe Gameplay)

Among the weapons that get overlooked we find the Burston Prime, one of the more “older” Prime weapons.

The rifle features a high status chance of thirty five percent with a critical chance of only eighteen percent and a critical multiplier of one point eight times. The weapon ca be build either for slash procs or straight for elemental combos such as corrosive. From my testing a corrosive build worked the best but your mileage may vary depending on your targets so it’s important to adapt elemental depending on circumstance.
We also have the possibility to use Gilded Truth which is a Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate mod and will grant use the “Truth” proc. I would have preferred this one to offer multishot instead of fire rate but at least we still get the proc.

While the Burston Prime may not be as flashy or as powerful as new-er assault rifles it can still pack one hell of a punch and it’s enjoyable to use as-long as you don’t mind the usual caveats of burst weapons.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

LeyzarGamingViews :

Open fire! Nothing like unloading a firing salvo of mortars. If only they could catch fire, they would feel our frustrations of this gamemode from the past few mainlines.

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***Please note that this run was completed before the Stug self-damage removal***

Chroma (DPS) – Aznvasions
Wisp – Speenah
Volt – Tater.
Harrow – TheMaster

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This weapon is just as strong as it feels. Like all Kuva weapons, the Ayanga gets an innate elemental bonus. I chose heat for easy combining of Shock Trooper into radiation. The innate element also noticeably inflates my total damage, making the Ayanga capable of achieving 6×3 rivenless, despite the lack of damage most Archguns have. Chroma was chosen due to minimal base damage sources available for archguns; Vigorous Swap, Arcane Rage, Vigilante Set bonus and other common buff sources for snipers do not work on Archguns.

The Kuva Ayanga is a mortar launcher that shoots fast-moving projectiles at high fire rate. It has slight arcing that isn’t too significant so long as you aim a decent angle above horizontal. It has fairly high base damage stats and useable crit stats.

Kuva weapons are a special weapon type originating from the Kuva Lich game mode. It is a possible drop from a player’s Lich and acquired only upon Vanquishing. Kuva Weapons can then be claimed from the Foundry fully crafted. The innate element on a Kuva weapon varies with the Warframe used to spawn the initial Lich by mercying the Larvaling. All weapons have an equal chance of spawning from a Kuva Lich; you can preview which weapon the Lich will spawn with by standing close to a downed Larvaling and looking at the pop-up window. Liches have a low chance to also generate with an ephemera, which can be claimed from both Vanquishing or Converting them. The ephemera can be seen from the Lich’ status screen if one is present.

Liches can be Converted to store them instead. A Converted Lich can only be traded once to another player, where they will receive the Lich without any murmurs unveiled and will have to run the entire Lich cycle again. They will then be able to receive the Lich weapon upon Vanquishing, and another copy of the ephemera if it was present previously.

For more information on the Lich system, check out the wiki

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Builds are shown at the end.


*About this series*: The aim is to create unconventional DPS runs using either weapons or frames while not relying on teammate buffs beyond what is found in a standard hunt. Thus, I try to avoid shooting through other Volt shields when it is unnatural for positioning and do not ask for them. Other similar elements, such as Rhino substituting Trin role for Roar, are forbidden.


A useful warframe clock overlay hunters use to keep track of time left in/until night. This is featured in the bottom left corner of all my runs. It also tracks other useful info like arbi and kuva node rotations.

Come join us at our server!
Eidolon Zone – Rather you need help or wanna recruit for the Eidolons, this server can suit your needs.

A useful tool made by kouks, a fellow well-respected hunter in the community. Here you will find the propa mini-game to practice and improve your timing, as well as the run analyzer featured in many 6×3 VoDs in the past few months.

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