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Best OBS STREAMING Settings 2021/2020 🔴 1080P 60FPS BEST Steaming Settings With NO LAG

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Today I show the BEST OBS Streaming Settings 2021/2020 edition! These are the best OBS settings for Streaming Fortnite, VALORANT, and other games in 2021/2020! A lot of people are at home and want to start streaming, so I wanted to show these “OBS Streaming Settings” as literally EVERY gamer I’ve met has wanted to start streaming or creating content with all the free time they have.

All streaming platforms have seen an increase in viewership lately! Because of that, I want to show my “best obs settings for streaming” gameplay online to sites like Twitch and YouTube in case you want to finally get started. Throughout the video, you can expect to see multiple different changes and tweaks you can make to OBS which should help any gamer have a more enjoyable streaming experience!

To help you with “obs settings” for all kinds of PCs, I made sure to show the best obs streaming settings or both the popular Nvidia NVENC encoder, but also the Software x264 encoder in case some of you are on AMD or using just your processor for encoding!

People always ask me, what bitrate should I use for streaming, so here’s my breakdown of how to find the best bitrate for OBS (based on your upload speed):
Upload Speed 3 2,500 Bitrate
Upload Speed 4 3,500 Bitrate
Upload Speed 6 5,000 Bitrate
Upload Speed 8+ 6,000 Bitrate

I also made a video on the Best OBS Recording Settings in 2020 a few months ago so definitely check that out, linked below. These are the best obs settings for streaming so that does mean you’ll need a good PC and high upload speeds. Enjoy!

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OBS Recording Settings 2020:

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator