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Beginner’s Tips Options & Settings That Make Life Easier | Warframe 2021 U30.2

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Beginner’s Settings & Options that makes your life easier, especially if you are a Controller player.

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0:00 Intro Beginner’s Series
0:52 Controller
1:32 Controller Button Mapping
2:13 NO Change to Ability Menu
2:31 Railjack Button Mapping
3:25 Gameplay Options
3:32 Creator Mode
3:43 Region & Ping Time
3:50 Host with your own Railjack
4:15 Legacy Color Palettes
4:27 Aim Sensitivity
5:00 Trigger Threshold
5:21 Show FPS & Host’s Ping
6:18 Field of View
6:35 Screen Shake
7:06 Effects that I turned OFF
7:40 Mandachord Volume (Mute)
8:17 Nora’s Nagging
8:24 Indicators that matters
9:06 Overlay or Mini Map
9:48 Maps fading level
10:13 Display Options
10:52 What Other Tips for Beginners?
11:23 Goto Builds for Missions?

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator