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Today i show you all warframe codes that are working in 2020. These warframe codes give glyphs and i see around that people clickbait about the codes being like a warframe platinum guide but there is no way to get free platinum. These are all the warframe codes that are working right now if some have expired by the time you see this i apologize but i will make an updated version in the near future. Can we get 25 likes on this warframe codes video if so i will continue to make warframe content for you all. All of these warframe codes do work in 2021 and these warframe codes will continue to work into 2020.


Noxis(worlds best youtuber makes videos while sitting on his bed):


If you have made it this far i really appreciate everything that you do your the best.Comment warframe codes for a heart on your comment but ive been gtr and ill see you all later.


The Journey is Complete. All the support, all of the messages to me saying ”Kacchi, go your almost there.” ”30k is epic go for it” and etc i have done it once again, my 20,000 platinum video is right now around 2 months old. Now some time later here we are now 30,000 Platinum Plateau!

So now what to do now that i’ve gotten to my goal. That decision will be up to me and my friends that i play with and my personal friends who know me. Also if i sound a bit stuffed up is because im fighting a slight cold lol

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator