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10 Weirdest Things Nintendo Switch Hackers Have Done

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Nintendo Switch hackers have accomplished some pretty impressive things in the 3 years since the video game console was released. Here are some of their greatest accomplishments!

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Pretty much since the dawn of the hobby, people have been breaking open video game systems and figuring out what weird and unexpected things they can do with them. From ROM hacks to overclocking gaming PCs, gamers absolutely love messing around with the guts of their favorite games and gaming machines. That’s why this video is dedicated to documenting all of the wild things that hackers have done to the Nintendo Switch!

That’s right, the little, portable console that could has some strange stuff going on under the hood, and hackers have worked nonstop to figure out everything the Switch is capable of. From installing web browsers to modding classic controllers, hacking pros are making the most out of the machine. Then, there are the hacks that anyone can do, like removing region locks and jailbreaking the popular system.

These Switch hacks will give you a peek into the wild world of Switch hacking, and even give you a place to start if you’re thinking about getting into this growing scene. Fair warning, though, a lot of these hacks will void your Switch’s warranty and might even get you banned.

Of course, all of these hacks are a lot of fun and give plenty of insight into what’s happening behind the scenes every time you boot up your Nintendo Switch. These tricks and tips come from gamers who wanted to take Switch gaming to the next level and, after you finish watching, you’ll be well on your way to doing the same.

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